Promotion Rules: 

• Program Dates: March 1 - April 30, 2018 
• Only Customer Pay Type; no Warranty or Internal. 
• Only Toyota TCMC brake pad part numbers - AZ0 and AZ1 (see attached part number list). 
• Repair order must list the TCMC brake pad part number. 
• Brake pads must be installed by an authorized Toyota dealership. 
• A customer must submit the mail-in rebate form provided by the Toyota dealer or complete the rebate form online with proof of purchase documentation. 
• $25 mail in rebate will be sent directly to the customer as a pre-paid gift card. 
• Retail counter and wholesale sales are not eligible. 
• Participating dealers must advertise the consumer TCMC brake promotion in their fixed operations advertising during the promotion period. 
• Dealer must complete a MPI form for each qualified sale. 

Customers can claim their $25 mail-in rebate: 
1. Submit online rebate form with completed proof of purchase documentation at 
2. Mail in the rebate form with completed proof of purchase documentation. 

Toyota Brake Offer #O1575 PO Box 800195 Houston, TX 77280-9970